Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Death is Life

by Bro. McIntire
2/17/08 - Sunday PM
Psalm 116:1-19 with a focus on vs 15

*Tonight our Pastor was not at church. He had called Bro. McIntire earlier in the evening to see if he would be able to preach, as he felt his dad only had a few hours of life left on this earth and needed to be with him. I am pretty sure this topic is a result from it, but I was glad to hear it. It's a comforting message.*

Faith is not only believing what God has taught/given us, but seeing things as God sees them.

Death is precious in the eyes of God. It is precious because {when} we are looking at it through the eyes of God. Through His eyes we have no death.

John 5:24
death - a haven, a place of rest [He used the analogy of playing a game of Monopoly, where towards the beginning of the game you don't want to go to jail, but one the properties are built up, the jail is a place of rest or reprieve.]
John 10:27-28 , John 10:10

vs 15 - His saints
God is kept eternaly preserved by His Word.
Who knows us best?
Matthew 10:29-31

Philippians 1:20-24
Death of the saints glorify God
The resurrection is our hope (but death must come first)
To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord
God got glory from Lazarus' death & resurrection

John 11:35 - there will be hurt / sorrow
John 16:16-20

*The Pastor's wife called me on 2-18-08 when I was on the way to pick up Brian. She told me that Pastor's dad had passed away during the night. Please pray for them. After we hung up, I heard a song on the radio. I had never heard it before, but the timing couldn't have been more perfect. I wrote down the chorus (yes, while driving), and here is what it says:
"I'll see you again
I'll see you again
I'll see you in Glory someday
For now it's goodbye
Don't sorrow or sigh
I'll see you in Glory someday"

What a blessed thought that one day we'll be able to see our loved ones in Christ up in that Gloryland. I know I can't wait ... Can you?*


by Bro. Donny ? (from Ambassador Baptist College)
2/17/08 - Sunday AM
I Samuel 3:1

*This was a very good message, but he talked really fast and unfortunately I couldn't keep up all the way. I was able to jot down all the points (I think) and most of the references. Sorry if there are any gaps!*

Is the Word of the Lord precious to you?

Three reasons why the Word of the Lord must be precious to us

1. Because of the Provision of God II Timothy 3:16
A. The Word of God is absolute. It is eternal and complete.
B. It is given Word.
I Kings 6:4 , I Kings 16:1 , I Kings 18:1 , II Chronicles 11:2 , Jeremiah 1:11 , Hosea 1:1 , Jonah 1:1 , Zephaniah 1:1 , Malachi 1:11

We need to love It because God has given It to us
Don't trade It in Psalm 119:7

2. Because of the Power of the Word of God
Jeremiah 23:29 , Proverbs 14:12 , Psalm 119:33,35,105,133
Power to guide us
Power to help us grow
Power to give us victory (over sin) I Corinthians 10:31 , Galatians 5:16

3. Because of the Picture of the Word of God
A. By Creation Romans 1:20
B. By our conscience
John 8 - our sinful condition
Romans 8:38-39 - His love
Hebrews 13:5-6 - His faithfulness
Psalm 86:5 - His forgiveness
Daniel 9:7 - His righteousness
Psalm 62:7 , Psalm 3:8 , John 3:16 - His Salvation

It tells us about God. He loves us and wants to save us.

Study It if It is precious to you!

Sermon by Song

by the Ambassador Baptist College Men's Quartet (quintet!)
2/17/08 - Sunday School

We had the privelege of having these men come and minister to us through instrumental music this morning. For Sunday School, the five of them played different songs throughout the hymnal. The instruments played were piano, organ, violin, viola, and saw. Yes, I said saw and it was a real one. It had belonged to the young man's grandfather. It sounded very good, too!

We were a tad late so we missed the first few songs, but I'm so glad we got to hear most of them. I should have recorded it, it was so beautiful. I wrote down the song numbers, but forgot to look them up, so I will come back and write the song titles down then. It was very relaxing and moving to hear the hymns of the faith played so beautifully.

Beneath the Cross of Jesus
When We See Christ
I need Thee Every Hour
The Name of Jesus
Day by Day
Under His Wings
Safe in the Arms of Jesus
Near to the Heart of God
'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus
Each Step I Take
Yesterday, Today, Forever
My Faith Has Found a Resting Place

The Flesh

by Pastor Johnson
2/13/08 - Wednesday PM

Romans 8:11-14

Romans 7:18 - Our flesh hasn't done anything good for us

I Corinthians 6:19-20 - We're debtor to God, not to our own bodies

Romans 7:23 , Galatians 6:7-8

1. We're debtors because of vs 11

2. We're debtors, but not to the flesh vs 12

3. We're debtors to the Spirit vs 13-14

I Peter 2:11 , Colossians 3:5-6 , I Corinthians 5:1-5

It's life or death

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Prayer of Importunity

by Pastor Johnson
2/10/08 - Sunday PM
Luke 11:5-13

Importunity = a matter of persistence; a pressing situation

1. We're praying to a Friend vs 5
Jesus calls us a friend John 15:12-15

2. We're praying with a need vs 5
I Peter 5:6-7

3. We're praying from necessity vs 6
Nothing will change without prayer vs 7

4. We're to pray with specifications vs 5
Don't beat around the bush Matthew 5:37 , James 5:12

5. We're to pray with importunity vs 8
Don't get discouraged, you can't wear God out

What do you need from God?

Pray specifically and keep praying!

Closet Prayer

by Pastor Johnson
2/10/08 - Sunday AM
I Corinthians 9:24-25
Matthew 6:5-8,14-18

1. Have a private place vs 6

2. Pray in secret with God vs 6

3. Use Christian prayers vs 7

4. God's care in our praying vs 8

5. Your forgiveness vs 14

*at this point I had to take Vincent out for a minute or two, so I missed a little bit. When I came back out, he was just finishing talking about fasting.*

6. Fasting


by Bro. McIntire
2/10/08 - Sunday School
James 4:1-10 , focusing on the last part of vs 9 and all of vs 10

The Lord delights in a contrite heart

As an example for our laughter being turned to mourning, he uses Eli & his sons. When they brought the Ark of the Covenant out to battle they all rejoiced because the Lord was with them - so they thought. Because of how Eli's sons had been behaving in the temple, the Lord was not with them and they lost the battle. Both of Eli's sons were killed, and then Eli fell off the wall when he heard of it. Their laughter turned to mourning.

Humility is our responsibility; it is a way of thinking

Isaiah 40:12-23 - This passage of scripture is really amazing. He expounded on the first few verses and it really just makes you go "Wow!" and really realize where you stand.
It talks about God measuring the waters of the earth in the palm of His hand. All the water on this earth ... in His hand.
He "meted out heaven with the span" ... with hand stretched out, thumb to pinky, that's how big our heavens / universe is in comparison to Him.
He "comprehended the dust of the earth in a measure, and weighed the mountains in scales, and the hills in a balance". How big are the mountains to us? And He can just pick it up and put it on a scale.
When you think about all of this, really, we are nothing in comparison. Yet He sent His Son to come and die ... for us.

Grace = unmerited favor James 4:6,10

We don't desrve God's grace, yet He will bestow it upon us as we are humble before Him.

Who am I?